The representation of the Regions in the Senate...

The representation of the Regions in the Senate of Canada

Posted: 2018/01/14

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Section 22 states the “22.- In relation to the Constitution of the Senate Canada shall be deemed to consist of Four Divisions…which Four Divisions shall be equally represented in the Senate …”

Setting aside that it is these “divisions’ not regions that are meant to be equally represented, this section cannot be construed to mean that the regions are represented in the Senate because these regions were not organised to be a legal entitities wherein the people are able to express their will regarding the government of the region through regional representatives in a regional legislature. A region can possess no rights, no interests. A region has no legal personality.A “region” is a concept, The institutions of parliament are meant to embody the political capacity of the people through their representatives so theu are enabled to govern themselves as they wish. A Region, having no legal personality, has no rights nor interests to defend in parliament.


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