Our commitment

The Commitment of the Institute of Responsible Government

The Institute of Responsible Government is committed to promoting research, study, analysis and debate on the constitutional framework, principles and practices required to ensure a truly Responsible Government, that is, a government in accordance with the well-understood wishes and interests of the people. Toward that end, the Institute will foster publications, conferences and online discussions bringing together leaders, fellows and students from a broad spectrum of political beliefs and experiences.
The Institute is committed to fostering a vigorous debate on issues relating to Responsible Government, on this website as well as in conferences, seminars and publications. In Canada, this debate takes place in both official languages and is open to people of any nationality, race, religion, gender, party affiliation or political opinion.

We are committed to upholding the standards of civil debate. Differing points of view are encouraged, but no contribution to the debate that is irrelevant to the topic or contains personal attacks or offensive language will be allowed.