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The members of the Institute are at the heart of the conversation about Responsible Government. Members can submit essays and case studies about various aspects of the theory and practice of the Canadian model of Responsible Government. In addition, members can evaluate other members’ contributions. Members also receive advance notice and priority access to Institute events and publications. An engaged membership is the key to a lively, productive conversation about Responsible Government. Be part of the conversation.

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Guidelines to participate

Privileges and responsibilities of membership


Members of the Institute of Responsible Government are committed to developing the theory and practice of the canadian model of Responsible Government — that is, government in accordance with the well-understood wishes and interests of the people — and to educating and informing people about this form of government.


Membership in the Institute of Responsible Government does not imply support for any political party or any political program beyond developing and disseminating information about the model of Responsible Government.


Membership in the Institute of Responsible Government is open to any person sixteen years of age or older. Membership shall not be denied to anyone on grounds of nationality, ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, party affiliation or political opinion.


Members of the Institute have the right to contribute articles, case studies and other texts to the Institute’s website, and to critique, evaluate and respond to other members’ contributions. If they so wish, they will automatically receive and be able to respond to these critiques and contributions. All opinions are admissible so long as they advance the aims of the Institute.


Members may submit contributions, responses and critiques in either of the two official languages of Canada, English and French. To the extent that the Institute’s resources allow, efforts will be made to translate major contributions submitted in one official language into the other.


All critiques and responses to other members’ contributions must be civil in tone and address the other member’s argument and not his or her personal characteristics. No text containing uncivil language or personal attacks will be published on the Institute’s website. Decisions about which texts to publish will be made by the moderator.


Failure to respect the aims of the Institute, or violation of its guidelines for conduct, may result in termination of membership, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


The weight given to any member’s contribution will be based on other members’ evaluations. In a case of termination of membership, the terminated member’s evaluations will be revoked and the status of other members affected will be re-evaluated.


Members will receive advance notice of, and priority access to, Institute events and publications.