Would louis riel and manitoba’s entrance into c...

Would louis riel and manitoba’s entrance into confederation have been handled differently had the provinces been properly represented in the senate at the time?

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The federal government sent surveyors to the Red River settlement to survey and organize the land as townships (square units of measurement) in the British manner, without any reference to the manner in which the colonists had themselves subdivided the land (in strips to the riverside, as was the Lower Canadian custom), that is, with complete disregard for their customs, rights and possessions.

The settlers of the Red river district of the future province of Manitoba were the offspring of the union of the French Canadians and the aboriginals.

In the model of Responsible Government intended by Confederation and enacted by law, there were meant to be two first ministers, one from each House that had to negotiate a common political platform and the representative composition of their Cabinet.

It is certain that the Senate contingent in the Federal Cabinet, especially those from Quebec and the Acadian provinces would have acted strongly to protect their own.

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